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  • My Bathroom is Cute But I Hate It--Let Me Explain

    The bathroom.? The home of the toilet.? Where the hairs left from the man of the house's last shave still reside in the sink.? And where you continuously find toothpaste splatters on the mirror a...

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  • My Bathrooms- Decor 2016 to 1974 - In My Own Style

    When I posted a tour of my new-to-me house on a lake in December, I only showed the real estate listing photos of the master bath which were not the best. I thought it was time to take photos to show...

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  • How to Make a Tissue Paper Flower Valentine Gift Box

    I enjoy finding decorative ways to re-purpose items especially when it comes to gift giving since the boxes and wrap tend to get thrown away after the gift is opened. I figure I might as well use items...

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  • How to make a toolbox

    My grandfather and I spent a little time in his workshop a couple weekends ago working on a few simple woodworking projects. One being a toolbox. How to make a toolbox is very simple and you can use an...

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  • Going to the Dogs--DIY Dog Crate Nightstands

    My sister is one of my most favorite people.? I mean, we kind of grew up together.? Of course, she had six MISERABLE years on this earth before I came along, but she's known me for most of he...

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