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We all deserve to pamper ourselves after a hard day at work (or even after a long day on the sofa), and over the years we’ve learnt a thing or two about how to make a little luxury part of? your everyday routine thanks to a few favourite pieces from our indulgent Dorma range.

It’s not all about giving yourself the royal treatment while you’re awake though. Our perfect after-work routine is also instrumental in the essential wind-down needed before bedtime, allowing us to get a good night’s sleepaccent pillow case baby canvas home decor, and maintain the deeply-rested and Zen-like calm needed to work through that to-do list tomorrow.

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Now, let us tell you our Dorma bedtime story…;

Now you know our secret to a perfect evening, it’s time for you to try it for yourself. Elevate your luxury levels with a daily dose of Dorma, you deserve it!

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All the shopping is done and the gifts are wrapped. The cookies are baked, cards are stamped, the salt dough ornaments are made and you are lounging on the couch wondering… what am I going to do for the next 10 days? Well we are here to save the day! HAHA! You can make this Ruffled Tree Skirt! That’s what I did in every spare minute for the last 4 days! Maybe not the best use of these precious countdown days but isn’t it pretty? This Ruffle Christmas Tree skirt?makes me happy.1. Cut a 44″ diameter circle from a large piece of felt, fleece, or wool. An old blanket would work well but you can also use a sheet in a pinch. To draw a circle, pin one end of a string to the center of the fabric and tie a marker to the other end (22″ out.) With string stretched to the max, draw your circle.

Hi Polka Dot Chair friends! I’m Mique from Thirty Handmade Days and the Queen Bee Market. I have known Melissa online from back in the dark ages and finally got to meet her face to face at SNAP! last year. It was a blast! Thanks for having me Melissa.

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