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When used within interior design blue creates calm, tranquility and cool and can help to add some subtle depth to a colour scheme.? Blue if used incorrectly, however, can also create a sterile, unwelcoming and cold atmosphere.? Achieving this balance and choosing the correct tone for your room can be a tricky business which involves several tester pots and wallpaper samples.?

Consequentlyaccent pillow case baby canvas home decor, this article will guide you through the basics of blue colour theory and how to choose a shade and style to add some positive and individual energy to your room. Choosing colours, tones and shades that complement one another can be simplified and worked out using a colour wheel. As demonstrated blue will work well with its opposite colour orange; a warm and energetic colour that will balance the cooler properties of blue.?

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Use variations of blue and orange to create a striking, traditional, retro or contemporary feel.? This theory is applied most readily with blue and gold or blue and lemon colour schemes. Dependant on whether you would like a subtle or striking finish it is generally safer and more successful to choose shades that are equal in brightness to one another for the majorirty of the scheme.? Then, use brighter, darker or bolder tones to accessorise.?

Similarly, consider the light and size of the room when placing the colours around the space.? Keep curtains and upholstery light and choose bolder accessories to maximise the feeling of space.? Furthermore, splashes of white can help to refine the overall finish and ensure a light and bright feel is maintained. Similarly blue can work well when used in a harmonious colour scheme.? This uses colours adjacent to blue, purples and greens, on the colour wheel.? This effect can create a real energectic or moody finish dependant on the tones you choose. For a fresh and young finish keep the shades bright and vivid.?

For a more romantic, cosy or traditional feel choose pastel or darker shades.? Again, break up the scheme with white or bold colours using scatter cushions, lamps, vases and rugs. Finally, blue is also beautiful when within a monochromatic scheme which uses white and only shades of blue.? This fresh and clean finish can work well within both traditional and contemporary homes and adds a level of versatility to the design.?

To ensure the room does not become cold choose either a vivid or earthy shade and add plenty of textures to bring warmth in to the space. As you are only fundamentally using one colour within the scheme use patterns and forms to create character.? Consider stripes, spots, paisleys and florals as a way of expressing a design style.? Similarly, do not be scared to combine contemporary and traditional patterns and pieces for an overall quirky and unique finish.

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