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Today we're going to add a bit of sparkle to your interior! This glitzy style is probably used most effectively in the bedroom – girlie bedrooms! So,if you're tired of a dull and boring bedroom take a look at the interior design ideas in today's post and add a sparkle to your home.

Pretty pale pinks, white along with an eye catching accent colour such as bright purple are ideal. If you want a more masculine look try using pink with silver greys or gold and bronze teamed with ivory rather than white, and an accent of azure blue.

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Modern and contemporary are the lines you should be thinking along. You can use antique furnitureaccent pillow case baby canvas home decor, especially those associated with a French style boudoir to create a more mature version. This style lets you have fun and although you'll need to think carefully about the style it's open to your own interpretation and ideas. Make use of furnishings you already have to keep the cost down, simply add beads, sequins and crystals by sewing or gluing into place around mirrors, pictures and table tops to give them a sparkle.

Lightweight voile panels in white or silver will maximise the amount of natural light entering the room. Add beaded tie backs to your bedroom curtains to add a touch of sparkle – opt for clear beads so that the sunlight can infiltrate through to cast magical colours onto plain white walls. Use metallic curtain poles with elaborate finials – hand blown glass with a crackle effect would be perfect.

You should try to go for a shiny surface, such as polished tiles or white flooring; even painting floorboards white will add a great look to this style and is much preferable than fitted carpets. Use rugs in pink or your main colour to add another dimension and texture to the room.

Chandeliers, embroidered bedding sets, metallic bed-side table lamps, faux ostrich feather boas draped around the headboard or around waste baskets and fairy style lights around a dressing table mirror will all add a magical sparkle to your room. Be careful not to go to over the top with too many twinkling and sparkly items otherwise you run the risk of making the room look tacky rather than chic and stylish!

Today I’m going to show you the products I used to paint the French nightstand I found at a local auction! ?This easy silver metallic paint technique gave me the shimmery silver finish I was hoping for!

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