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A luxurious hooded baby towel is a great gift for an expecting or new mom. It’;s big bang for your buck. Be sure to coordinate your towel to the nursery or family bathroom. If you’;re feeling extra ambitious, present the gift in one of Jaime’;s drawstring bags made from your accent fabric.? DIY after the jump…;What you need:A bath towel (approx 30″;x54″;)A hand towel (approx 16″;x27″;) (not face cloth)Accent fabric, an approximately 3.5″; x 18″; stripCoordinating threadHead pinsSewing MachineIron

1. Wash and dry towels and accent fabric2. Iron accent fabric3. Foldaccent pillow case baby canvas home decor, pin and iron a 1/2 inch seam allowance on both long sides of your accent fabric for a finished width of 2.5″;Tip: pinning through the outside of the fabric rather than the inside, shown incorrectly here, will ensure that you do not sew pins into your piece. Good to know.

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4. Cut the edges off of your hand towel to 17″; length

5. Fold the hand towel the long way and position accent fabric strip evenly 1″; from the fold, pin in place through top layer of towel only6. Unfold towel and sew trim to towel with 1/4″; seam along both lengths

7. Fold towel so that accent trim is folded in half on the inside as shown and sew down left and right side at inside edge of original towel seam

8. Invert piece to look like this…;

9. Invert top left point into top right point to look like this…;

10. Open piece to look like this (it’;s the hood!)…;

11. Fold Bath towel in half and place a pin at center edge.12 Align top center edge of Bath Towel with back center seam of hood and pin an inside seam along entire back edge of hood (be sure to pin the vertical seam of hood open)

13.Sew seam

14. Now would be a really good time to make sure there are no random pins inside your hood. Last chance before we sew it up!15. Fold inside bottom hood seam under, hiding all edges and trim inside and pin. The bulk of this seam should fall just below the back seam if the inside hood point is pushed all the way in, as it should be.16. Sew. This is where a newer machine might get tired as the layers are quite thick here. You may need to skip over the corners and stitch these by hand later.17. And you’;re done!

18. Bathe baby, tuck baby in, drink wine.

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