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If you’;re the kind of person who thinks about baby names at the most random times, then you can appreciate my mini obsession. I am a sucker for unique baby names, and will get inspiration from the most unlikely of sources. For exampleaccent pillow case baby canvas home decor, a globe.

I scan the world’;s countries and cities looking for potential baby names. I’;ve come up with quite a few good ones…;. Cairo is one of my favorites. Also topping the list is Parma (city in Italy) and Celaya (city in Mexico).

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I do believe that map-scanning is a great way to find a baby name. However, it’;s important not to get carried away. It would be quite unfortunate for a baby to end up with a food-sounding name like Chile, Turkey or Hungary. There are thousands of cities and countries that have no business in a baby book. Keep it unique, but not odd!

Some popular baby name websites that might be able to help are:, the social security administration, yeah baby and baby zone.


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