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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of AirStone. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hey friends! If you have read my blog for a while, then you have probably seen our master bedroom. And that means you've probably also heard me complain about the size of it. And no, not because it's too small (though that would be true of every other master bedroom we have ever lived in). Nope. This master bedroom is too big. Weird thing to complain about, I know. But seriously, check it out. We have our bed on one side of the room. Nothing weird about that. But then we have a whole ‘;nother “;wing”; to our bedroom that makes it feel rather cavernous…;

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I meanaccent pillow case baby canvas home decor, we've done what we can to make it feel cozy and inviting, but it justdoesn't.It's been a struggle. We've even thought about adding a wall to create another bedroom, but we have no use for another bedroom.

So, we've decided to embrace the sitting area in our bedroom and we are adding a fireplace to the wall that the chaise lounges are currently sitting in front of. I think it will go a loooooooong way in helping to better define the space and in making it feel less cavernous and more cozy.

But here's the thing. We can't just add a chimney to our house, right?! So, we are going to use an electric fireplace and make our own fireplace surround usingAirStoneand I'm super excited! I made this rendering of our fireplace design, which will also feature big, old chunky shelves on either side, so that the entire wall becomes a big feature in the space. Check out the rendering our fireplace design (and please don't judge my Photoshop skills, or lack thereof–;I'm working on it).

AirStoneis available inthree color blends: Autumn Mountain, Spring Creek, and the new Birch Bluff–;we are using Spring Creek which is what you see in the rendering.

Initially, I was overwhelmed by the thought of adding a fireplace to our bedroom and I do think it would be a major pain if we were going to use natural stone. But all this will require is some really simple framing to create the box that will hold the fireplace. Then applying the Airstone should be a breeze. The pieces fit together perfectly and can be cut by hand with a hacksaw. So easy! And from the installation videos I've watched, using the adhesive is pretty straightforward. Airstone says “think icing a cupcake, not buttering toast.”; Best analogy ever.

Our Airstone has already been delivered and the fireplace we ordered from Amazon just arrived. Now all we have to do is source the wood for the mantel and shelves and then we can finalize the measurements for our framing.

Airstone can be used for interior and exterior projects and is infinitely easier to work with than natural stone (not to mention it's far more affordable). You can find it at Lowe's, unless you are on the West Coast (bummer for you)! If you want to get some ideas for how you can use Airstone for all kinds of different projects, head over toAirStone Inspiration.

Alright y'all!Wish us luck! I'm hoping to have the reveal for you by the end of February :)

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Quilt/Wall Art Size: 38.5" x 43.5" (Bigger sizes in Step 13)

This year I really wanted to bring out Kastehelmi as one of our featured items in tableware at Unison. Not only because it is one of my personal favorites having grown up with it, but also because we love the designer, Oiva Toikka and wanted to honor his famous design, Kastehelmi (dew pearls in Finnish) as it celebrates it’s 50th year in production. I selected blue because it is a new color and it brings about that feeling of water and it complimented so well the Aerial cobalt table linens we developed with Chicago artist Stephen Eichhorn. We hope that those who purchase these seemingly simple blue glass plates and bowls will enjoy them for serving a special dessert or as a beautiful gift set for a marrying couple. They will last for ages and endure trends for generations to come.

Men’s T-Shirt redo—à la Lahaina T-shirt Tunic/Dress