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Whether you have just moved into a home with bay windows or you have decided you would like to put up some curtains in your bays for the first time - you will have to know something about how to fit curtain poles for bay windows. There are two options when it comes to putting up curtains in a bay. The first is to use curtain rods for each individual window and the other is a pole that bends to the shape of the entire window.

We are going to show you how you can fit curtain poles into your bay window so you can have a very stylish treatment with all types of curtains. To complete this project you will need to have a set of bay window curtain rods that come with appropriate brackets and screws within the pack. You will also need a measuring tape and a drill to screw in the hardware. Make a pencil mark at the height in which you want your curtain pole to be - this might be on the frame itself or just above the window frame.

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Make a measurement of the distance from the lower edge of the window frame to your pencil mark. Now continue to place marks at each side of the individual windows - this is where the brackets will go. If you take care in doing the right measurements, the curtain poles should be parallel to the window frame. Now take one of the brackets and place it in position, putting a pencil mark onto the wall or frame where the screws will be fitted. Continue to do this at each of the points around your bay window.

With the screwdriveraccent pillow case baby canvas home decor, put pilot holes into each of the marks you just made. Now take the brackets to be fixed to the outer positions and place them (making sure they are the correct way up - your manual should show you this) in line with the pilot holes which you made. Now you can put into the screws so that the bracket is tight to the wall. Next, you will need to fit the hinged support brackets to the interior of the wall.

Guide the casing of the curtain to the left, right and centre parts of the rod. Fit the centre part of the rod by slipping the poles of the ends of the rod over the inner pins of the corner bracket and the other end on the bracket next to the side of the window. If needed, move the curtain casing a little so that none of the hardware is showing from the curtain poles for bay windows. Add the finishing touches by choosing beautiful curtain pole finials to coordinate with our interior.

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