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If you're looking to decorate your home and in particular your entrance hall, what better way to do it than to create a grand Victorian entrance hall. In recent years, many people are choosing popular contemporary and simplistic designs for the entrance halls to their homes but if you choose to go the other way and are looking to move away from the masses in the way that most people decorate their homeaccent pillow case baby canvas home decor, Victorian décor really adds depth and atmosphere to your residence.

There are many different ways in which you can decorate your entrance hall using a Victorian style but perhaps one of the most notable aspects of any Victorian entrance hall are the curtains. It does not necessarily have to cost a lot of money to purchase second hand curtains, or you can simply use traditional or existing damask or jacquard patterned curtains and add that heavy and hanging look that many Victorian curtains had by using wide diameter curtains poles and lavish curtain tie backs UK – the ones with the large tassels on!

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Other ways in which you can decorate your entrance hall using a Victorian style is the stained-glass windows which are a particularly nice and decorative aspect of this creative era. Just from a small stained-glass window, imagine guests walking in as the light passes through the window and puts colours all over the floor. Remember that when creating a Victorian hallway you do not necessarily have to have everything appearing from this era.

There are many different eras and styles of décor that actually complement the Victorian style very well. Indian rugs are a great example, as they present similar detailing as seen in Victorian style décor and were being used by wealthy Victorians to show any one who came to their door that they had travelled the world! There are many creative and wonderful interior design ideas that you can gather from other people and one attractive aspect of this Victorian décor is the fact that due to economic times, people today are consistently searching for cheaper ways in which to make a beautiful Victorian entrance hall.

Try to consider things such as chairs and tables. A simple and modern table can be adapted by adding metal trimming to the corners and up the legs and one you have finished, rugs look great either underneath or in front of a Victorian style table.

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