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As memories of Christmas fade away alongside our overly full bellies we are still haunted by the commonly known images of large aluminous inflatable Santas and flashing snowmen parading outside our neighbours’ houses. Although festive and fun there is however ways to illuminate your exterior home throughout the year in a friendly yet fashionable way.

Festive Flickers

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There are a huge range of Christmas inspired lighting solutions for your home. Whether it be simple outdoor fairy lights or an illuminated Santa motif the key to doing this successfully is to firstly choose lights that are in keeping with the style of your house and secondly not to use enough lights to create your very own Blackpool strip!

If you live in a traditional property opt for lights which complement its style. For example, why not hang some ornate outdoor lanterns in your porch area and where safe decorate with holly and foliage. Or, twist some delicate fairy lights around pillarsaccent pillow case baby canvas home decor, posts or trees for a more magical finish, Finally, for the ultimate in traditional lighting why not purchase a reclaimed lamppost to stand at the beginning of your path, garden or drive way. This beautiful addition to the home is not only a lovely welcome and novel light source but it can also be decorated in foliage and Christmas characters over the festive season.

In a contemporary home choose sleek white or blue fairy or tube lights to suspend around any railings or trees. For a more permanent feature place solar powered lights in your garden to light the pathway and modern chrome wall lights in porches and balconies. Avoid garish novelty Christmas lights and instead keep it clean and simple inline with the style of your property.

Light Nights

Although it may seem a distant memory effective outdoor lighting is also essential for those long summer evenings sat with friends at a barbeque. Because of the less intense weather conditions at this time of year you are free to be more creative with your lighting ideas. Why not suspend fairy lights inside your sun parasol or around surrounding trees. Don’t just opt for the basic style shop around to find those with glass bauble shades, paper lanterns or flower decoration. Add some hippy chic by suspending tea lights in hand painted glass jars or simply burn a colourful collection of candles in the centre of the table. Or for an Eastern inspired finish why not venture to your local China Town and grab some authentic lanterns. For a more permanent and minimalist solution why not install walk over spotlights in your patio or decking areas to illuminate the seating area. This more subtle choice is ideal for families with children where naked flames are a safety hazard.

Whether for winter, summer or all year long there are appropriate and effective light choices to brighten up your exterior home. Be sure to choose styles which complement the manner of the property, your interior fabric and lighting solutions and also are practically viable to survive the elements. Have fun with your lighting as it is an easy and effective way to introduce character in to your garden but finally, as with most design elements; remember less is most certainly more.

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