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Happy Tuesday!!

Did you guys all have a wonderful Christmas? I sincerely hope so! ?Ours was very nice. The kids loved the quilts (even though they weren’;t bound yet *wink*)- even so, ?I think they still appreciated the thought. They have been dragging them around the house the past few days, so I’;d better get them bound and washed today!

customized gifts for her

I’;ve got one more interview to share with you before the New Year. ?Ironically this is a blogger that I’;ve never actually “;met”; –; but I feel like I’;ve known her for years! One day our paths will cross and I’;ll get to meet her.

Mique runs 30 Days Blog, if you haven’;t stopped by then you should! She’;s got great crafts and recipes and is the very talented girl behind the Queen Bee Market in California.

Mique has also shared her experiences having a son with Autism in a very moving seires of blog postsaccent pillow case baby canvas home decor, you can read them here. ?My youngest brother (now an Adult) also has Autism and I remember so many of the emotions she descirbes from our own families experience.

So now…; Meet Mique!

Q: Okay, to start…; just the facts…; introduce yourself. Do you have kids? How many? Where do you live? Where did you grow up?

Hi I’;m Mique- stay at home mom to three crazy kids. 2 boys, 1 girl. Almost 12 &; 10 and 5 yrs old. I live in the Los Angeles area but I grew up in a fun beach town in San Diego. I’;m a California girl through and through!

Q: Favorite Musical group when you were in Junior High…; did you have a favorite song?

Hmmm I almost can’;t remember what I loved in jr. high. I loved Boys II Men in high school. Also loved Janet Jackson and anything pop-ish.

Q: When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up?

First I wanted to be a hairstylist and own a salon like my aunt. Then I wanted to be a teacher. When I finally got to BYU I wanted to do graphic design or advertising. I always really wanted to be a mom and stay at home with my kids.

Q: What’;s one thing that you’;d love to do but can’;t?

I looooove music and dancing (hip hop like, not ballroom). But I really am not good at it. Hasn’;t really stopped me- I took a hip hop class a few years ago. And now love doing Zumba 3 times a week.Much to my kids chagrin. They try to make me stop (unsuccessfully).

Q: Any hidden talents?

I can make my fingers and hips pop out of place. Sounds about as exciting as it actually is.

Q: When and how did you learn to sew?

I pretend learned when I was in high school with my mom. My mom is a fabulous sewer but I wasn’;t the easiest student. So I really learned a couple of years ago when I took lessons from a local teacher.

Q: What made you decide to start a blog?

I had a family blog for awhile and thought it was fun when people other than family somehow found it. I started posting crafty ideas and it was taking over my family blog. So I started 30days to post projects I wanted to make for Christmas.

Q: What are your 3 favorite projects that you’;ve posted on your blog?

Q: What’;s the most difficult thing that you have made and posted on your blog? How long did it take you? Any sewing machines thrown out the window?

I would say the most time consuming that I’;ve posted is my Updated Family Tree project that I did for my parents. It wasn’;t necessarily difficult but it took a long time. I did it over a week’;s time.

Q: Last craft fail

Which one? Yesterday? The day before that? I think I have more fails than successes really.

Q: What fabric do you WISH you had lots and lots of?

Hmmm anything Heather Bailey, Ana Maria Horner, Joel Dewberry, Sarah Jane.

Q: What fabric in your stash can you not bring yourself to cut up?

I haven’;t bought any fabric for awhile because I once I acknowledged I have a fabric addiction, I knew I needed to cut back. But I love still have a few stacks of Heather Bailey fabric I don’;t want to cut into.

Q: What’;s the next thing on your sewing “;to do”; list?

ANYTHING. I took a break from sewing for awhile. I’;m anxious to jump back in. Probably some gifts for Christmas.

Q: Describe your perfect day.

Sleep in. My kids don’;t fight about getting hair done or teeth brushed before dropping them off at school. Go to the gym to take a Zumba class. Eat my favorite breakfast- almond croissant with a giant Dr. Pepper (haven’;t had it in a few months). Have a few hours of uninterrupted crafting where everything goes just as planned in my mind. Eat lunch with my best friends. Go shopping alone and pick out whatever I feel like and it fits just so. An afternoon nap. Take the kids for a drive to the beach after school. Dinner at a favorite restaurant with Josh. OR make a favorite dinner at home and have someone else do all the dishes! ?? Watch favorite tv shows while working on an embroidery project or read a really good book before going to bed.Not a lot to ask for, right? ??

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