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I’;m so excited to introduce you today to Natalia of Piece and Quilt. ?Let me tell you this girl has MAD quilting skills!

She makes quilts and also has a long arm quilting business. ?She’;s an amazing long arm quilter. ?The level of detail that goes into her quilts is incredible

accent pillow case baby

I got to know Natalia a little bit when we were both posting on Moda Bake Shop regularly (I’;m still posting there, I’;ve got a tutorial in the works right now!) ?Then I got to meet her in person at the Sewing Summit. She taught a class on starch applique which was genius! Did you know you can use a glue stick to applique? I didn’;t…;

Q: Okay, to start…; just the facts…; introduce yourself. Do you have kids? How many? Where do you live? Where did you grow up?

I’;m Natalia Bonner, I grew up in Charleston, UT, a super small town- like 300 people and my dad has been the mayor of that town for almost 20 years! ?? I’;ve since moved away to the big town of Heber, UTaccent pillow case baby canvas home decor, about 5 miles from where I grew up a big town of almost 10,000 people! ?? I married my husband after 4 years of dating and we’;ve now been married for almost 7 years. We have one little girl, Chesney, yes she is named after Kenny Chesney, who just turned 4.

?Q: Favorite Musical group when you were in Junior High…; did you have a favorite song?

When I was in Junior high I remember loving Garth Brooks, every one in my family made fun of me because I loved country music, but now I’;m pretty sure they’;ve all converted. ?? I’;m sure my favorite song was “;The Thunder Rolls”;

Q: When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up?

I really honestly can’;t remember wanting to be anything but a mom, now I’;m a mom who takes my daughter to work with me every day!

Q: What’;s one thing that you’;d love to do but can’;t?

I’;d love to get over my fears or being shy. Really I’;m super super shy and have a hard time approaching people. I’;d love to get over that!

Q: Any hidden talents?

Lets think, I’;m bad at cooking, I’;m horrible at laundry, (my husband does all that) I don’;t like to drive…;. I am however really good at rearranging furniture!

Q: When and how did you learn to sew?

Growing up my mom and grandma always sewed. I can’;t remember the first time I actually sewed but I’;m sure I was pretty little.

Q: What made you decide to start a blog?

I started blogging about my machine quilting to share with my family out of state what I’;d been up to.

Q: What are your 3 favorite projects that you’;ve posted on your blog?

Ohhhh that’;s such a hard one. They are always changing but for right now I’;d say, my Wrapped in Red Quilt, my I’;m Blusing quilt and the L’;Amore E’;Bello Wall Hanging

Q: What’;s the most difficult thing that you have made and posted on your blog? How long did it take you? Any sewing machines thrown out the window?

Lol, it depends what you call difficult, I’;ve made more than one thing that’;s ended up in a meltdown, me crying and calling my husband and telling him I’;m never sewing again. But after they are all bound I’;m usually over it and ready to make something new. Probably the most time intese quilt that I’;ve ever helped make was my mom’;s Bed of Tulips Quilt.

Q: Last craft fail

Lol, I can sew…;. quilts, but crafting is something totally different for me. I suck at crafting. So usually I don’;t even try! ??

Q: What fabric do you WISH you had lots and lots of?

Right now I’;m crushing hard on a couple new lines by Birch fabrics, Commute &; Mod Basics, they are totally not my usual colors and they don’;t come out until January but I’;d die to have a ton of it in my hands right now!

Q: What fabric in your stash can you not bring yourself to cut up?

I’;m really not a stasher, if for some reason there is fabric that’;s hanging around that I just can’;t cut up it’;s usually because I don’;t love it. I don’;t have to make something out of it right away! ??

Q: What’;s the next thing on your sewing “;to do”; list?

I’;ve got a few “;secrets”; in the works, I’;ll tell you about them later! ??

Q: Describe your perfect day.OOOOHHHH Really!Sleep in, til about 11.Wake up to a yummy french toast breakfast made by my husband.Go to a movie or so sort of fun activity with my husband and daughter.Come home, eat pizza and cheese bread-sticks on the living room floor while watching a new movie! I know I’;m totally crazy! ??

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