accent pillow case baby canvas home decor Prince Charming Costume Tutorial (from Cinderella) pillow case baby

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Be sure to add your homemade Halloween costumes to the you made it/love it flicker group here.? I will be posting many of the photos here, the day before Halloween.? I can’;t wait to see what you’;ve made!

accent pillow case baby

Edited: A reader let me know that those spunky little shoulder pieces are called epaulets.? Ohaccent pillow case baby canvas home decor, the things I learn on here!? Thanks Rebekah!

We all love hand-making for the holidays, and each Friday from now through the end of the year we are sharing some of our favorite seasonal sewing projects – from decorations to brighten your home to projects that make great gifts.

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Kitchens with a theme are bang on-trend and what's surprising is that the themes don't have to be those typically associated with a kitchen; you can choose any theme you like such as old sailing boats, Vintage trains – anything which you are passionate about will work.