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Little pieces of fabric sewn together. That's truly quilting at its most basic, but its just as crazy as describing cooking as: tasty bits of food mixed together. The creativity (and the love) is in the who, what, when, where, and why of how it all happens. Our Quilting Basics series is designed to help beginning quilters get rollin'. We explain the fundamentals of quiltingaccent pillow case baby canvas home decor, including the various tools you’ll need (and may already have), cutting techniques, how to create quilt blocks from basic shapes, piecing tips and techniques, and actual quilt stitching. One disclaimer: enter at your own risk; quilting can be addictive.?

Quilting is a huge and varied hobby, and a very personal process. We certainly don't consider ourselves to be top industry experts. But, we are good at showing those new to a craft how to get started in a way that will produce the best results with the least frustration.?

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We have five tutorials covering the basics of quilting. You can use the handy links below to click through to each.?At the end is a list of some suggested Sew4Home beginning quilting projects to put your newfound skills into action. You can find even more ideas within the first Quilt Basics Tutorial as well as within our Project Index.?

You'll get an overview of quilting history as well as current trends, plus learn about the various tools, fabric, and notions available to make quilting faster, easier, and more precise.

Since quilts start out as lots o' little pieces, it makes sense the first thing you should learn about in quilting is how to cut. This article describes the tools as well as the techniques.

Now that you've learned to cut all those squares, rectangles, and triangles; we'll show you how to create some of the most popular basic quilt block patterns. Plus, you learn how to start designing custom blocks of your own.

Sewing patchwork pieces into blocks, then assembling those blocks into a quilt requires the precise execution of specific techniques. It's similar to putting together a puzzle; each piece has to fit perfectly in order for the larger picture to come into view.?

This continues the 4A tutorial and includes several of the most popular quick-piecing methods: chain piecing, strip piecing, and half square triangles?

In this tutorial, we provide instructions on basic quilting techniques that can be used on any type of quilt (or any other quilted item, like a pillow or bag). These are the basics – the options beyond are endless!

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