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Great outdoor spaces are like great rooms, filled with things to delight the eyes and soothe the senses. If you’;re in need of an outdoor refresh, we’;ve got you covered with these distinctive pieces that will transform your open-air space into a summer hot spot.

We’;re all about versatile pieces which is why these nesting planters are a real outdoor game changer. We love the idea of utilizing these for outdoor entertainment. Plant your favorite flowers, ice it down as a cooleraccent pillow case baby canvas home decor, fill it with party snacks, or take it up a notch by mixing and matching as shown.

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Whether you’;re taking a seat or propping your feet, poufs are an easy way to incorporate pops of color and pattern. Because poufs are small, they can fit into any space and are a fun option for adding extra seating. You can even throw a cute tray table on top and turn it into an outdoor ottoman.

This folding bar table from Suzanne Kasler is an outdoor must have to keep drink clutter away. We love that the top lifts off the folding stand for easy set up and serving. Fill with drinks and hors d’oeuvres for the perfect party setup.

Great for climbing vines, the obelisk shape is a real eye catcher and will make a statement high above the rest of your planters. We think using a pair to frame a doorway or lining several along a wall or terrace would be stunning.

Fountains are a great way to create your own outdoor oasis and these are the perfect size for any space. Their mosaic tiles are bold and bright which look beautiful against greenery. We recommend nestling them among your other planters and letting the gentle stream of the water take you into a state of serenity.

Who said outdoor storage couldn’;t be stylish? Say goodbye to hidden storage and put your towels on display like a 5-star resort. Pool toys, towels, sunscreen, store it all. With the adjustable cabana cover, you’;re able to protect what’;s inside if your forecast calls for bad weather. Bonus –; get your drink supplies ready because the cabana also doubles as an outdoor bar.

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