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This week we're going to look at the most popular home interior design ideas and styles starting with modern contemporary. The basics: An uncluttered appearance with clean lines and smooth surfaces epitomises contemporary interior design. This look is a far cry from the fussy and cluttered interiors of the past, however, just because its contemporary doesn't mean you should shy away from this modern look.

Despite what you may think contemporary design isn't necessarily about clashing patterns and garish prints. A contemporary styled interior is characterised by cool muted colours which leans heavily towards whites, creams with contrasting colour which include mauve, brownaccent pillow case baby canvas home decor, taupe, teal and greys.

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One thing that contemporary design isn't and that's boring! Injections of colour are also included, so try using vibrant wall decorations on plain white walls, or the odd chair which is bright and bold to draw the eye and make a real statement. Accents to include the use of rugs, cushions and throws, while strategically placed object of interest prevent the room prevent the room from looking too sterile and plain.

Highly polished wood, shiny metal and tiles are the predominant surfaces in contemporary homes. Floors are either wood or tiles, unless you have an open budget in which case highly polished marble or granite would be the ideal choice. The use of rugs add both warmth and colour.

Chrome finishes on furnishings and furniture, especially in bathrooms and kitchens, will also help you to create a contemporary look. Add different textures by using faux fur rugs, velvets, silk or sheer voile panels or ready made cotton or silk teal curtains which will add another dimension to the room.

No clutter is the order of the day if you're going to achieve a contemporary looks. Don't be tempted to clutter surfaces with ornaments; choose ornaments in striking colours, shapes and designs to make an impact against plain walls and surfaces.

If your room has that 'lived-in' look then sadly you won't have reached your goal – it's the show-piece family home look that you're after. Although contemporary interiors can be difficult to achieve for the inexperienced it will be useful to remember that contemporary homes are all about functionality, so if you have things which aren't serving any real purpose get rid of them!

You should also remember that clean, uncluttered surfaces and wood or tiled floors are far easier to keep clean! Find storage solutions such as metal boxes to store away the everyday things that we all need to make our houses homes.

You never get a second chance at a first impression, right? Well, I’m taking that saying to heart when designing the gardens for our new home. The Tudor has sharp, defined edges & I want to soften the home by creating a wispy, relaxed garden area. The yard is heavily landscaped {at least plotted for it in mulch}, so I’m trying to take the gardening one step at a time, keeping my focus on the end design. I have created a free printable garden journal to sketch my plans, sketch what we planted over the weekend & keep notes on the anticipated growth of the flowers we’ve planted, their light & water requirements & overall care. It’s very simple, just a designated space to track our progress & goals & know what to except in the future, should any plants need to be reallocated to another area.

Cute, cuddly, and they come in any colour you want – a homemade pom-pom garland is the perfect way to brighten up a room! They’re really easy to make so they’re a great idea to keep the kids occupied, just take caution when snipping the wool from the pom pom frame!

I was able to create both of these in just 10 minutes!