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Once solitary bush, Hawke’;s Bay artist Tony Harrington’;s?backyard is now a hub of creativity with a?unique gallery space, functioning bar and outdoor bath?

Who lives here??Tony Harrington (artist), Lisa Harrington (social worker), Ellacanvas throw pillow covers, 10, and Lily, 7, plus Puss Puss the cat.

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Tony graduated from the Eastern Institute of Technology in 2004 with a degree in visual art and design, majoring in 3D and furniture design. He puts his talents to good use not only in his artwork but also in his workspace and the unique home he shares with his young family. Together with his good friend builder Mark Kopu, he transformed the tiny sleep-out at the back of the house into The View Room. After extending the roof, they lined the room with plywood and clad the exterior in black-stained ply and Zincalume.

The deck came next and his much-talked-about ‘koru fence’. Nothing escapes Tony’s creative eye – what began as a simple barbecue bench is now a functional outdoor bar complete with built-in ice bucket, workbench and thatched roof. “The View Room and deck have been a welcome addition and a revelation to the backyard,” says Tony. “I can sit here, enjoy a quiet ale and the artistic inspirations just flow!”

The backyard has come a long way since their arrival nine years ago when a solitary bush was all there was to be found. One of the latest additions to this space, and a favourite of daughters Lily and Ella, is the outdoor bath behind the studio.

Words by: Vic Bibby. Photography by: Florence Charvin.


The barbecue bench that morphed into an outdoor bar complete with built-in ice bucket.


A former sleep-out in Tony’s backyard is now a showcase for his art, much of which makes good use of recycled timber and Resene testpots.


“These works carry with them literal and conceptual stories of the past combined with current-day references to living in bicultural Aotearoa,” says Tony.


Much of Tony’;s work is influenced by traditional Maori art forms as well as the rural and coastal Kiwi lifestyles. The results are intriguing, satisfying fusions of Maori and Pakeha culture that provide the viewer with a truly Kiwi perspective tinged with nostalgia.


Tony’s colourful koru fence is a talking point at gatherings.


The gallery opens onto a spacious deck built by the handy artist.


The outdoor bath behind the studio is the most recent addition.


“I can sit here, enjoy a quiet ale and the artistic inspirations just flow!” says Tony.

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