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Before you yell (or not) 'oh, no it's going to be pink' take a moment to take a look at the post to see how pretty pastel pink can create a stylish interior which isn't focused around a princess theme!

Pastel pink is the order of the day, with injections of complimentary colours to give a chic modern look. White is also used quite prolifically to achieve a soft and very soothing look for lounges or bedroom. Any pastel colour will also offer the same chic styling which is slightly less feminine.

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Modern and contemporary styles are those which ooze chic elegance without even trying! Keep things simple and minimalistic to create an adult orientated interior. With such palecanvas throw pillow covers, pastel colours it would be a brave person who adopted this look with a young family! You could also use these pretty colour combinations in a more traditionally styled home, by using pretty patterns bedding sets, cushions and throws to create a pretty English rose styled room.

Pretty patterns for lounge or?bedroom curtains will suit a traditionally styled home whereas white voile panels are the ideal window dressing solution for modern and contemporary interiors. Opt for full length curtains with plenty of pleats to create a wall of gently falling fabric. Use curtain rails in white which will become hidden by the top of the curtains to create smooth lines and not distract from the beautiful fabric.

If you don't have children white floors are ideal; use rugs in contrasting colours and possibly those with a simple pattern to keep the room looking sleek and elegant. If you have wooden flooring a couple of designer rugs will be just perfect!

Look for plain silk, satin or taffeta curtain fabrics online to wrap round coffee tables to create your own unique focal point; you can elegant tassel tie backs to curtains if they need to be drawn open to let in natural light. Try not to cram the room full of knick-knacks; instead choose a couple of unusual sculptural pieces to add a fun element to the room. In bedrooms look for pretty embroidered bedding sets which compliment your curtains. Choose pretty light-shades (plain or patterned) or faux crystal chandeliers to add a touch of modern glamour to your home.

When it comes to rejuvenate the room, thought of the majority of the people gets limit to repainting the walls, hanging the charts or painting. If you want to give your room the unique uplift then you must change the comforter or quilt with a new duvet or duvet cover sets.

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