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I have been completely obsessed with all things hot air balloons lately and not just any –; vintage hot air balloons to be exact. There is something so whimsical and dreamy about them. Joy from How Joyful took her love for them and turned them into a nursery mobile for her new little one. Is it weird that I kind of want one over my bed too? While you’;re collecting felt to make these beauties, pick up a little extra to make her felt roses and before the heat escapes us, treat yourself to this upcycled summer vest.

Gather your materials and we’;ll all float on, alright…;(p.s. Who can name the band?)

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DIY Hot Air Balloon Mobile

My husband and I are very excited to welcome our first baby in a few more weeks and we have been working hard on getting the nursery ready, one of my favorite pieces is this Hot air ballon mobile.

Actually the balloons were the first inspiration for our nursery, but then along the way it became more of a “;circus”; theme than the carnival we started with. To me hot air balloons are just gorgeous, so hopefully our baby Peanut will love them toocanvas throw pillow covers, if not at least he/she will have a lot of time to stare at these guys:And of course I had to share a template and basic assembly directions so that everyone that loves hot air balloons can create their own designs =] So here the PDF file with the 3 different sizes I used to create mine and the instructions.



The template is very easy since it only has 2 pieces per ballon, so if you want a very simple ballon like the multicolor one I did with the bounty flags, you just need to cut different colors, sew them together and place the bottom piece to finish up.

Now I am going to show two different ways I experimented with design for my balloons. First I used aplique pieces and here is how I made it:

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Cut 8 balloon body pieces in the same color, after that I free-cut arrow shapes and triangles direcly on felt, but if you don’;t feel comfortable draw your design on the template and then cut, I played with the positioning until I was happy, then turn the pieces with the right side facing up and pin carefully.I decided I wanted to make this balloon entirely by hand, so I started sewing each completed piece with a normal needle and treat in matching color. I sewed everything on the wrong side so the sewing stitches will be hidden.I left one of the sides half open so that turning inside out would be easier, then I finish sewing the side and stuff it with Polyester fiberfill.After that I carefully sewed the bottom piece, if it’;s too hard for you to keep it in place pin it first.

The second way was cutting 4 pieces of each color (red and white in my case) I decided to make the biggest one like this because in my head it was going be easier to sew, and I was right =] so here it is:First I decided how I wanted to cut my pieces and draw on the template to the cut it, marked all of my pieces, but right before cutting I decided to only do 2 cuts per piece and eliminate the last mark you see in the picture.Once all my pieces were cut, I mixed and matches the colors, place a super small pieces of masking tape on the back so that they will stay together edge to edge and sew them with yellow floss.After I had my 8 pieces put together I sewed them in the machine wrong side facing up, so that the stitches would be in the inside.Again I left the last one half open so that the turning inside out would be easier. Then I sewed it by hand and stuffed it.Lastly I sewed the bottom piece, and my hot air balloon was done!!

After they are done, I cut pieces of corks, I just cut the average wine cork in 3 for all of the balloons, exempt the big one, for that one I used a champagne cork that I cut in half. After that I sanded the outside to erase the letters that most of them had. I used a normal treat and needle to attach the cork to the ballons in 3 different different points.

I used the invisible thread to attach the top of the ballons to my painted embroidery hoop, I randomly positioned the ballons and to finish them up I added two clouds that I free-cut and sewed with a light blue floss. So there you go! now you can create your own hot air ballon mobile too =]I hope you guys enjoy it and let me know if you make it, I’;d love to see the designs you are going to come up with!Have a lovely day!XOXO

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Winter has been settling in quite nicely here in Southern California. As much as I love beach days in January, it’s also great to wake up to dark, looming clouds overhead. With rain on the brain, this tutorial from Jessica at Me Sew Crazy seems perfect for embracing these winter months. You’ll notice it’s more of a poncho-style raincoat too. So cute!