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Today I’;m going to show you how to create an IKEA Makeup Vanity Cart that rolls around! It’;s the perfect solution for a too small, or shared bathroom. I love a good IKEA hack and this IKEA Raskog hack has to be one of my favorite ones to date! Keep reading to find out how I did it.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post from IKEA and the Mom it Forward Blogger Network. All opinions and hair-brained ideas are 100% mine.

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Right now my twins are sharing a bathroom, although they both have laid claim to the bathroom left emptyby my college kid. We will see who “;grabs”; that one first. Since they are twins and leaving at the same time every day this creates a bit of a bottleneck in the bathroom in the mornings.

Especially for my daughter. She is at the age where she would like to take a bit more time on her hair and makeup in the morning. She has a hard time doingthat when her brother is crowding her in the bathroom.

So I created a simple IKEA makeup vanity cart to help her out. She can easily roll it back and forth between her bedroom and the bathroom, whichever is the easier place to get ready that morning.

IKEA Raksog Cart

Metal Utensil Holder from IKEA

Zip Ties

IKEA Godmorgon clear plastic dividers

Vinyl Lettering for the Front of the Cart –; I made mine with my Cricut Machine- the font is called Budmo and can be downloaded for free online.

The rolling vanity is a very slightly modified Raskog Cart. I have to tell you I LOVE THESE THINGS! I have 4 now. One for my office, one for sewing suppliescanvas throw pillow covers, one for the “;art”; stuff in the kitchen and now this one.

It’;s the handiest little cart (plus it’;s super cute). To make the vanity I took a utensil holder from IKEA and attached it to the side of the Raskog with zip ties. To attach it, just string two zip ties through the top and two through the bottom, tighten very well and clip off the extra ties.

Now she has a placeto hold her curling iron and flat iron. The metal utensil holder is just the right shape to hold them and since it’;s metal she can place slightly hot curling irons in it.

I will say this is not intended to be used with a turned on, hot curling iron, just one that is unplugged and in the process of cooling down.

I then divided each of the 3 trays into separatepurposes for her. Face, Nails &; Hair. I cut out some vinyl letters for the cart too, to help keep it organized and for a bit of decoration.

On the top tray, I placed some IKEA Godmorgon clear plastic dividers to hold her makeup.

The bottom shelf holds her hairdryer (it also can fit in the canister on the side) and a twomore plastic bins, one large one for hair accessories and one smaller one for hair bands and bobby pins.

Even though she doesn’;t do her nails every morning she definitelyneeded somewhere to keep all of her stuff, so we dedicated a shelf to that. We also found out that the large Godmorgon organizer is perfect for holding bottles of nail polish.

Due to the number of requests I’;ve received here is the info on the lettering on the front of the cart. I don’;t sell the letters, you can cut them at home yourself with an “;e-cutting”; machine.

The font is Budmo. It is cut with a Cricut Machine and white vinyl.

For information about Cricut click here. I LOVE my Cricut machine if you’;d like to see more projects you can make with a Cricut just CLICK here.

A few weeks ago I shared with you one of the challenges that my family faces in the morning. Last-minute chaos. Most of this chaos is caused by us being slightly under prepared and a little bit disorganized. Right now we are dealing with two big issues when it comes to making the most of the First 59 minutes of the day. One, “;I can’;t find my clothes”;. Two, “;There is no room for me in the bathroom”;.

With the help of IKEA and lots of inspiration found online I decided to tackle the second of these two problems, the bathroom. The clothing situation still needs to be addressed. But that’;s a bigger project and I realized that I had a quick and simple solution to the bathroom problem.

A little bit of chaos in the morning can get me a little bit frazzled. IKEA has done studies and found that the way that you spend the first 59 minutes of your day can affect your mood for the rest of the day. They have made it their mission to provide simple solutions to help you make the most of those first :59.

After one week of use I’;m happy to report a “;so far so good”; with the cart helping to streamline our morning routine. I’;ll be sure to pop in here again and share with you how it workslong term.

We have learned a few things to help us at the beginning of our day. We do things like, laying out clothes the night before and setting out breakfast bowls. Also, we make sure everyone’;s homework is in their back packs.

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