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Dear How to Decorate,

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I’;m buying a new house which has a great basement area that I’;m turning into a ‘;man room.’; I don’;t have a lot of experience decorating rooms, but I would like this space to be somewhere I can hang out, read, and of course, watch TV. First and foremost, I want it to be comfortablecanvas throw pillow covers, but I don’;t want it to be the eyesore of the house either!

I don’;t have any before photos, but it’;s a fairly large space with four blank walls. It gets very little sunlight too.




Dear Steve,

Thank you so much for your decorating dilemma. We’;ve never done a man cave in this series!

First, let’;s start with a color palette. Typically, you see man caves decorated with browns and reds and oranges, but we wanted to go a different route this time. For a modern feel, we chose a cool but moody palette of charcoal and navy with touches of chocolate.

We started with a dark navy herringbone pattern on the sofa. In a space that gets a lot of wear and tear, choose afabric with a weave or texture (like a herringbone) —; this will help disguise stains! We chose our Eton sofa because the rolled arms aresuper comfy and great for napping or catching a game on TV. Next, we chose our Emerson chair in a dark gray fabric, our Clare Gray. We love the classic shape of this chair, plus it’;s super comfortable for reading. To bring in some pattern, we chose the Emerson ottoman, but in a navy plaid.

For the media cabinet, we decided tomix it up from the typical wooden armoire, and instead, we chose a long, low metal media cabinet. Our Louis Metal Media Cabinet has masculine detailsand the a worn, industrial finish. Just for fun, we brought in some of those ‘;man cave’; feeling details, like the Antler Art prints, as well as Suzanne Kasler’;s Atelier Antlers in Natural Gray.

In any basement, lighting is very important, so we’;ve used a combination of task lighting, the Julian Floor Lamp, for reading, as well as a pair of VoltaireSconces over the couch. If you don’;t have recessed lighting in your basement, you might also look into those!

Finally, you’;ll need a few comfy throw pillows for when you decide to take a nap. We chose a pair of plush velvet pillows.

We hope you like your new man cave!

The How to Decorate Team

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