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I’;ve mentioned that bad puns are one of my favorite things about Valentines day (and in life.) Since cacti are one of my other favorite things, here are some sweet little pokey cards that bring together a few of my favorite things. If you were to tie one of these around a bottle of champagne and put Jaime on a plane with it, that would pretty much put all of my favorite things together. Anywaycanvas throw pillow covers, here are some cute prickly valentines that you can make if you have paper, a fine point marker, a green stamp pad and a finger. ?

Basically you dip a large fingertip (I used pointer) in the inkpad and make the bottom pad of your cactus. Then a small fingertip (the pinky perhaps) and make the rest of the cactus. Kid fingers would make this even more adorable. Next draw a little pot and some funny words. You don’;t need to be a calligrapher to make this work, even just block letters will be perfect.

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Leave all your pals a note or tie one around a small potted cactus for your bestess and mostess.


Another of this year's interior design colour trends for modern and contemporary interiors is the use of neons. In times of austerity designers believe that we need to inject bright, bold colours into our lives to lift our spirits and morale. Despite the money experts telling us that it's now looking unlikely for the UK to go into a double dip recession the vast majority of us are still have to keep a close eye on our personal budgets, and as such designers are reaching out, metaphorically, and giving us interior design ideas which can be adopted and adapted by everyone.

My kids love to decorate and personalize everything. T-Shirts, shoes and yes, even their backpacks. Today I’ll show you how to embellish a plain bag to create a totally custom backpack. I used myCricut, a bit of iron on and a Cricut EasyPress to complete the project. I work as a brand ambassador for Cricut, this is sponsored content.

You guys, the 5th Halloween costume is finally COMPLETE!!!? Whew!? And…..this one has us all CRACKING UP!? Okay, so as a recap, my older two kiddos (Ellie and Connor) absolutely ADORE the Percy Jackson book series and were so excited about the idea of dressing up as Greek Mythology characters.? So, they convinced the younger kiddos to join them and helped them pick Greek mythology characters.? (They have decided they like dressing up as a group theme better than separately.? Fine by me!)? Ellie’s Artemis Greek Goddess Costume is HERE, Connor’s Poseidon Greek Costume is HERE, Chloe’s Demeter Greek Goddess Costume is HERE, and Oliver’s Satyr Greek Mythology Costume is HERE.? Those were all so much fun to make (especially that little Satyr….haha!).