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Interior stylist and environmental advocate Maddie McFarlane shares five simple ways to live more sustainably in your home.

The first step is to really start thinking about everything you use and consume in your home. Where does it come from? Who made or grew it? Is it the best choice for you and your household? There are so many great options out there for ‘sustainable living’ but it all starts with questioning and researching.

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You’ve heard it before butReduce, Reuse, Recycle.It's a good motto to start working into our daily habits. Recycling is greatcanvas throw pillow covers, but could you reduce what you use in the first place and then re-use it before it hits the recycling?

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Opt for eco fabrics. Where possible, go organic. Pesticide free crops are better for the grower’s health, the farm land and its surrounding eco-system, and you - no chemical residue. Winning.

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Source seasonally and locally. Seasonal produce is tastier and supporting local growers reduces your carbon footprint.

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Invest in quality and make it last.


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