canvas throw pillow covers Floating Candlelit Apples for Fall Decor personalized housewarming gifts

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Six (or more) apples

accent pillow case baby canvas nursery

Votive candles

Large, shallow container that will hold water


Fill a shallow, but wide container with water and add the apples with candles in the tops. ?Todaycanvas throw pillow covers, I used a large, pumpkin shaped stoneware bowl that I picked up at HomeGoods.? A vintage enamelware basin would also work perfectly!? ? And, if you are planning to use this outdoors, a galvanized bucket or tub would look amazing!? The finishing touch is to add some fresh chestnuts to the water to fill in the gaps!

I like to make this for parties in the fall or to have outdoors on Trick or Treat night!

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I was thinking yesterday that I might as well contribute to the website since I'm signed up for it, so here we have a fun and simple process of dollmaking. The product is a two-dimensional soft figure.What you need★ sewing needle, pins, and thread★ scissors★ fabric for the body (scraps, worn out clothes, whatever fits the bill)★ non-permanent marker, pen, pencil, or fabric chalk★ adequate amount of stuffing material★ fabric glue (might be needed to apply non-threadable things)★ extras (buttons, ribbons, paint, shells, twigs, etc)★ optional: paper and pencil to draw blueprints★ if your doll is small, you need tweezers or a chopstick/pencil to turn it inside out

One of my favorite projects to make for the mister is boxer briefs. I love to make them a little surprising and maybe even from unconventional fabrics and elastics (when I can find a good one). Every guy needs some strawberries in their life, right? There is also an ease about sewing something that largely goes unseen. It allows for freedom to be a little less fussy about perfection, while exercising or learning new skills. This could include using a coverstitch machine. Whether you make these for yourself, your mister, your nephew or your brother, sewing boxer briefs is a great way to learn to work with knits.