canvas throw pillow covers For now and forever solutions for a mezzanine floor sofa pillow covers

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Your Home and Garden art director, Shani Luckman’;s dream is to have a mezzanine. We get the quick-fix and long-term solution worth saving for

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Shani wants to maximise space in her house. She’d like to create the look of a high-pitched ceiling, under which she could add a mezzanine floor.

If you have a high enough ceilingcanvas throw pillow covers, a builder can install a basic loft floor with balustrade and access way. If your ceiling is too low for a loft, you could use panels to create the look of a pitched ceiling instead.

ProsQuick, easy and relatively inexpensive.

Cons–; The space you’re creating would only be small.–; May not look as finished as an expensive build.

Considerations Be sure to have a safe and sturdy access point. Loft will need at least 2.1m standing height. Be careful with fall heights over 1m. Ensure loft is securely screened or a balustrade is installed.

Time: Two days.Budget: $3000.

Mezzanine options range from fully enclosed floors with multiple rooms to open spaces with glass balustrades. If you have a flat ceiling, you will need a draughtsman and building consent before extending into the roof. If you have high ceilings, or at least a 30-degree roof pitch, the work will be relatively straightforward.

ProsA functional extra room or set of rooms that would add style and value to the house.

ConsAccess can be difficult if not designed well; consent will be needed in most cases.

Considerations Ensure you have enough height from floor to?ceiling. Consider structural load points. What is the intended use? Work to this use.

Time: Three to five weeks.Budget: $20,000-$30,000.

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