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If you have ever removed wallpaper in an older home, you soon realise how fond everyone was with floral patterns. Roses, daisies, leaves and tulips appeared in almost every room. For a whilecanvas throw pillow covers, a plain decorating trend took over with bare white walls that screamed for colour.

Today's styles allow for floral patterns, used sparingly, together with warm or cool colours. When used correctly, flowers can bring an exciting breath of fresh air into a room. A bedroom can become an adventure of beauty when floral patterns are used on one wall that adds prestige to a bedroom suit. Palms or orchids are a favourite in a tropical setting with wicker furniture and overhead fan.

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Another great way to add dazzling floral patterns to a kitchen or casual dining area is with stencils that let you paint your favourite flowers across a ceiling or beside a doorway. Use floral trim around a small, bare window in a hallway or bath that adds size and dimension. Floral motif decals are perfect for a teenager's room when scattered about up the side of a bed or arranged around one corner of a closet door. These little bursts of flower power can also bring a touch of brightness to a bath or spotted on a mirror.

There is more available than just huge daisies. Black orchids, tiny clusters of cherry blossoms or just a few sprigs of hibiscus petals can add a pleasant touch of nature in just seconds. The nice part of decals is that they are removable should you decide to place elsewhere. Area rugs with floral patterns help bring a room together without being overly busy.

Be careful not to cause warfare between floral furniture and a competing rug. If you want to use a brightly patterned rug in front of a couch, select a seat that is plain and complement with throw pillows that tie in with the floor and sofa. Runners with floral pattern edges are unique for long hallways and highlight the colour of walls.

If you have a favourite floral print but don't know how it would fit into your living space, experiment on small items like table runners, place mats or create a long scarf and drape over plain pencil pleat curtains, opt for floral prints on duvet cover sets or use cheap Roman blinds with a flower pattern to add a touch of vibrancy without being too dominant in a room, as floral treatments can bring out the best of a room or it can clash terribly.

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