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One of the issues when working with leathers and vinyl materials is keeping the presser foot gliding smoothly across the surface without dragging; another is how to sew seams that are flat and bulk-free. Here’s a presser foot that solves both problems: Non-Stick Open Embroidery Foot #56.

This foot slides across surfaces that sometimes cause a metal foot to stick and drag. The coated sole works with any “sticky” material such as suede, plastic, vinylcanvas throw pillow covers, leather and microfibers. This open-toe foot also makes it easy to sew the lapped seams that are perfect for these types of materials. Not only are the seams flat and bulk-free, they are finished on both sides so no raw edges are exposed – great when sewing reversible projects!

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Tips for Sewing Leather and Vinyl

? Pins will leave holes that cannot be removed. Use tape or clips to hold pieces together for sewing and be sure that you are sewing in the correct place before stitching – there are no second chances.

? Use a leather needle that has a “wedge-shaped” point for sewing leather. Note: This type of needle is for real leather only; use a Universal point on plastic or vinyl.

? Lengthen the stitch length to 4-5 mm to avoid perforating the leather or vinyl too closely.

For more information on Open Embroidery Foot #56, download this a free Accessory Spotlight PDF at

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We’ve all been to classes, or sewing group meetings and are stuck with the issue of the iron… You know you need it so you can have beautiful, pressed, seams, but what do you press on and then what do you do with your hot iron?! Now your problems are solved!! This awesome caddy makes carrying and transporting your iron easy – even if it is freshly unplugged and very hot – and it unfolds to form a nice pressing pad that you can use anywhere. Use for yourself, but also makes a lovely gift for any sewist!