canvas throw pillow covers Light-Up with Garden Torches, This Diwali floral cushion covers

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It’s time of the year to light-up your home, your patio, your garden. A well-lit home is something we all want during Diwali. Candles,diyas, lights and outdoor lanterns are used in every household to set the right ambience. Other than the religious significance, lighting-up your house for Diwali becomes important for all the social gatherings. Diwali is one festival when people plan parties at home and meet their friends and relatives. So, if outside gatherings are your preferencecanvas throw pillow covers, then it becomes all the more important to light-up your home, appropriately.

In addition to the conventional diyas, candles, and lights, you can brighten up your home with Garden Torch, this Diwali. Other than providing the much-needed ambience, they give an artistic touch and keep the mosquitoes at bay. A fuel-based Tiki torch, it can beautifully illuminate decks, a residential walkway and give the impression of a flickering flame. Get the ambience and brighten-up your space with these non-combustible garden torches. The best part is that they have the potential to give a unique touch to your home.

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Moreover, making them perfect for Diwali is the make of these garden torches. Made of stone and iron, they give that rustic touch and feel. They illuminate like a marshal and can change the complete look of the outdoor space. A distinct and traditional way of decorating the outdoor space, give Garden Torches a try this Diwali. They can also be a perfect Diwali gift, which you can give to your friends, family, and acquaintances. Something out of the box, it can be a perfect Diwali gesture asoutdoor lightinghas an important role to play in this festival for both decorative and religious purposes.

If garden torches are on your mind for decorating or gifting purpose, then you can check the range of The Tiki torches by come in a pack of 2 torches with one torch in 66 and other of 48 inches, and they are deck mountable. The packet includes two pieces of deck mounting bracket, tabletop, long-lasting fibreglass wick and metal snuffer cap, and six pieces of torch rod.

We recommend you to use Deco Home torch oil, paraffin wax, diesel with refined oil, and kerosene. You can also use Citronella oil in it, which lasts longer and produces less smoke. Odourless, it also keeps the bugs at bay and repels mosquitoes making it the perfect choice. Making them totally perfect for your outdoor space is the weather-proofing of these torches. Coming with powder coating they can protect against dampness. So, opt for this non-combustible oil and illuminate your home the distinct way, this Diwali. View the collection of garden torches in and order garden torches for your home and gifting purpose.

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