canvas throw pillow covers Lighten Up With Fashionable Floor Lamps for Your Home funny cushion covers

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Although not as frequently used as table lamps, floor lamps provide an elegant, free standing and easy to move light source for your home which can also effectively contribute to the overall design scheme of the room. Furthermore, their height provides a unique opportunity to create a mid-way view point within your room thus adding interest and sophistication to your design.

Mighty &; Modern

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The tall linear properties of a floor lamp lend themselves beautifully to contemporary style and minimalist living. Available in a range of modern and chic materials including chrome, stainless steelcanvas throw pillow covers, plastic and so on choose a long structural style which will accentuate and coordinate with the simplistic and smooth lines of your home. Even consider a mirrored lamp base to reflect the light into the room and add to the pristine and glossy finish. These are also ideal for smaller rooms where space needs to be maximised. To provide general lighting areas such as in a hallway or beside a shelving unit, choose a lamp with a simple base and smooth neutral or glass shade. Repeat the textures of the lamp throughout the room using other table lamps, vases, ornaments, fabric and furniture. For task lighting over reading chairs or desks choose a tall arching lamp with oversized chrome shade to add a real architectural design feature as well as providing a great source of illumination.

Tall &; Traditional

For more traditional properties less structural and linear styles are required to complement the softer more opulent style suitable for such a building. Shop around and see the wide range of gold, wooden, brass and silver lamp stands in simplistic candlestick pillars or more elaborate carved designs. Choose a stand that is in keeping with the period of the property and can sit comfortably in the size of the room. Furthermore, as with all properties, take inspiration from fabrics, materials, textures and patterns already in the room. To complete your stand opt for a coordinating lampshade to your interior design scheme. Consider a beautiful dome shaped stained glass shade or a glamorous beaded alternative for the ultimate in authentic traditional lighting. For a more simplistic look take the colour or pattern from other fabrics in the room and purchase a coordinating lampshade for the stand. Generally speaking avoid using exactly the same material as that of your bedding, upholstery or curtains as this will create a flat and uninteresting finish. Instead simply choose a fabric in a different pattern but same tonal pallet or vice versa. Use this fabric in other areas of the room such as cushions or table lamps to finish off the look.

Whichever style your property and whatever your taste floor lamps are a great and versatile light source. Because of their height it is generally advised to position two within your room to create a sense of symmetry and balance. Furthermore, make sure that the lamps coordinate with any table lamps to ensure a sense of cohesiveness and logic is present within your design.

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