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Arguably the most simple and effective way to use coloured light is to illuminate a plain wall and thus create a unique coloured backdrop to a room. Generally using a neon tube, this simple and soft effect helps to give a room a warm glow and enhances the feeling of height. Most effective behind a bed head, install the fitting at the bottom of the wall or neatly boxed behind a cornice and watch the light filter down the plain. To create a really innovative effect, consider painting or wallpapering the wall and cascading a coloured light over the top. For example, if you were to paint your wall pink and then to shine a blue light on to itcanvas throw pillow covers, you would create a soft gradient from purple to pink across the wall; great for a young girl’s bedroom.

funny cushion covers

Party Lights

Alongside larger statements as mentioned above you can also be a lot more subtle with coloured light. For example, why not install coloured light tubes or rope underneath your kitchen cabinets to turn your kitchen surface into a real focal point during party times. Furthermore, why not install lights behind any frosted kitchen cupboard doors for a striking and contemporary effect.

Sit Down, Light Up

For the design addicts amongst us why not consider the ultimate in interior lighting technology; light up and glow in the dark furniture. Made of plastic these amazing tables and chairs emit a soft glow and are great as a contemporary design feature or to illuminate small areas where space is limited.

Light the Way

Finally, for the more subtle amongst us it is also possible to buy light up and glow in the dark door handles, glasses, clocks and so on to create a novel yet not too overpowering detail for your home.

Whatever your choice when using colour it is always important to remember the effect it has on changing the mood in the room. For example, use oranges, limes or yellows to create an energetic and bright atmosphere. Use red or purple light to create romance and warmth. Finally, use blues for a clean and fresh finish being aware of its tendency to appear cold. Whatever your choice have fun and be creative. Remember this effect is totally versatile, changeable and can be turned off with the flick of a switch. Use these installations for special times such as parties, meals and general entertaining when you want to create a fun, relaxing and memorable space for people to enjoy.

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