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Oh dear, what were the designers thinking of! This luxury bath will surely divide opinions.

Embellished with Swarovski crystals this orante and obnoxious bath costs £150canvas throw pillow covers,000. It's okay if you have more money than sense!

personalized teacher signs

Welcome to our?125 years celebration of the BERNINA company! We’re celebrating by bringing you lots of inspiration and today we’re focusing on?easy embellishments for sewing projects! You can use any of these techniques to add a few simple stitches to your project, add fun or elegant trims, create interest with appliqué, or even add a classic or modern monogram for a personal touch.?As a bonus we’re giving you the chance to win a bit of BERNINA gold, scroll to the bottom of the post to find our anniversary giveaway!

If you are like me you sew and make your own cloth related projects and items, you cut fabric, you embroider and you do all manner of fabric and thread related works, then you'd agree with me that we have a lot of tools and materials and we keep getting more and more. The thing then is that we need to keep track of them and not all over the place, yet keep them handy so that they are within arm's reach. Some of you may have the luxury of an extra room for studio space and racks and drawers to proudly display your materials, your spools of thread. As fellow craftsmen of any specialty, whether you are a knitter, an embroiderer, leather craft man, carpenter, designer, engineer of any kind, I think we can all agree that that our commonality is the love and pride that we have for our tools, materials, equipment and work space. I love my tools and I love getting new stuff. Consequently, I also love organizing them and taking stock of them. However, I have only one room for studio and bed and a full wall dedicated to bookshelves. So I would require careful consideration for optimal space usage.

Today is my stop on the ?Quick Column Quilts?book blog hop, and I’m going to share with you a project that I made from the book. ? I’ve been crazy busy running around for the last 6 weeks or so, and it was nice to just sit down and sew something for fun.