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We're at the beginning of the school holidays and many parents will already be asking “When do they go back to school?” The school holidays don't have to be a nightmare, with a little pre-planning there's plenty of ways to keep the kids occupied, and you sanecanvas throw pillow covers, over the next few weeks. Here's 10 ideas to get you started!

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Upcycled Wonders

Children love making things! When it's not suitable to go outdoors, give them plenty of old boxes, card, paper, glue and paints and let their imaginations run wild. Offering a theme, such as bugs or butterflies, will help reduce the “I don't know what to make” whines!

Rask Travel

Head off to the beach for the day to build sandcastles and if it's warm enough a spot of paddling won't go amiss.

981 The Hawk

Make or buy a kite and go to the park, or anywhere that allows plenty of running room and no overhead cables.

Family Funin South Jersey

Take a trip down to the local play park. If you walk it's a freebie and a great way for the kids to expend some energy.


Have a teddy bears picnic either on your own lawn or in the park.

Unnatural 59 Ken

Older children will love making and riding their own go-cart.


Use blankets and a bed cover to make inside tents and hideaways.

Rhino's Club

Head off to the local stream and do a spot of bug and fish hunting.

Tots 100

Be inspired and encourage the children to play sports.

Make an apron out of a fat quarter in no time flat! Start making some now for christmas gifts, or do like me and just keep it for yourself.We give so many fat quarters away I thought I’d whip up a quick project for you. All you need is one fat quarter, some cute trim, and twenty minutes.If you don’t know what it is, a fat quarter is 1/4 yard of fabric cut into a fat rectangle 18″X22″ instead of a normal 1/4 yard which is cut long and skinny at 9″X44″.

Geometric patterns are making a huge come-back in home interiors. Using a bold geometric pattern on a feature wall will make a fabulous visual impact without being too overpowering or dominant.

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