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We love Halloween, but we love it even more when it goes vintage style like the 7gypsies Wicked Gypsy Collection. ?This collection ?is so fun to work with and gives you just a touch of insight into a Halloween Witch’;s life on that busy October 31st. ?From treat lists she must make, recipes for potions, her outfit and of course the guest list. ?Oh what a busy life a wicked gypsy must lead. ?Creating simple home decor projects that fit your vintage style are easy for Halloween, like this wicked banner, vintage tray or mini book. ?Created with snips of fabriccanvas throw pillow covers, bizarre ephemera, dreadful papers, haunted papers, strange clothespins, phantom metals, wilted flowers and more…;.. ?ok so maybe just some goodies from Canvas Corp, 7gypsies and Tattered Angels.

Start with a strip of?Canvas Fringe to start you Halloween Banner, then grab two Black Canvas Flowers?or choose the burlap version, Black Burlap Flowers?and with scissors snip each layer all the way around to create the cut up flower and put a circle of paper or cord in the center and then add Wicked Gypsy Mini Ephemera?to the front of 2?Burlap Diamond Shapes?and touches of metals and charms to finish them off.

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The center part of the banner was created with triangle cuts from the 12×;12 Black Fabric Sheet, top with 1-2 layers of Wicked Gypsy Papers and create the purple fan with the Wicked Pose Paper by folding the?papers and shaping them into a semi-circle fan. ?The bottom of the black triangles is created with scraps of canvas tied into a hand-made tassel. ?The witches hat are made with triangles cut from 12×;12 canvas sheets and misted with Tattered Angels It’;s Black Glimmer Mist and the brim of the hat was then stamped with a diamond shaped stamp with black ink. ?The mist gets the canvas wet enough to let you shape the witch’;s hat to look old and wrinkled. ?Adorn with Brass Domed Studs and fill with more Wicked Gypsy Mini Ephemera. ?Moss covered wire is twisted to hold that bat in place. ?Cover the Black Decorative Clothespins with strips of paper and they coordinate with your banner perfectly.

The same?collection will let you transform a blank book into the perfect Halloween guest book, journal or book of photos. ?The papers and ephemera work so well together to create just the right vintage, Halloween look. ?Start with the 4×;6 Vertical Stand and a Board Kit: Banner to make your book. ?The stand comes with 2 rings and clear photo pages you can slip in too and add photos or additional pages.

There are 6 pieces in the banner kit with 3 different shapes, giving you book fun dimension with pages peeking through.

The front of the book features the Book of Spells paper, a broom created with pieces of Fine Wood Excelsior?and a quick tie of Black Hemp Cord. ?Finish the front with clear bottles, domed studs and Wicked Gypsy Mini Ephemera.

Rough the edges with a fun tool or just use sandpaper to get this look.

The Wicked Gypsy Large Ephemera Pieces are the perfect touch to these simple pages. You can make the papers flip up to add journal entries, photos and more.

Transform a 7gypsies Shadowbox?Tray into the perfect ode to the Halloween season! The printers trays give you a perfect opportunity to play with almost every item in the Wicked Gypsy Collection!

Each spot in the tray is ready to be adorned with Domed Bottles, Vintage Clips, Mini Ephemera, Large Ephemera?and lots of great pieces of the papers from the collection.

Now put it all together and place on the mantel or counter to start off our vintage holiday decorating.

Happy Creating!!!

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