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Want to bring some nature indoors but without the watering and looking after? Chris Pozzi had an amazing idea on how to introduce some flowers and butterflies into our homes without having to add to the chores we all have already too much of. Having found an old large window photo frame, with some help from Tattered?Angels paints and butterflies from Canvas Corp papers, she turned it into a very realistic looking butterfly garden which she can move around the house when and as she likes.

See it for yourself!

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I found this amazing photo window frame at my local Goodwill store and grabbed it up so quick and knew immediately what I wanted to create! A Butterfly Garden! –; says Chris.

Materials used:Canvas Corp Spring Showers paper: Butterflies on Ivory Tattered Angels Simply Sheer: Rosey Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist: Sunflower,?Dried Lavendercanvas throw pillow covers,?Indigo Blue,?Summer Glow,?Festival,?It’;s Orange,?Butternut Squash Cardboard Window Picture Frame Chameleon Markers (BR1, VO2, YL2,GR1, RO3, OR3) Various Flowers –; white ivy,?Spanish Moss Glue Gun

Rough cut several butterflies from Canvas Corp Brands Butterflies on Ivory.

Color the butterflies. (Note: I use the rough cut area at this stage for testing my marker colors).?Fussy cut the colored butterflies.

Spray white flowers with your chosen Glimmer Mists. Let dry.

Create flower base by cutting a cardboard piece and gluing it to the bottom of the frame.

Add Spanish Moss to the base.

Lay out your flowers, ivy and butteflies over the base. Once satisfied with the arrangement, glue in place to finish.

Visit Chris’; blog and Instagram for more inspiration.

Happy Crafting!!!

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